4905 Conversion
Randy & Sue Schreifels
South Weber, Utah

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Conversion log:

1/3/04 Finally pulled the bus in to the shop! Maybe now some things will get done on the bus, not just the shop!

3/11/01 In new house, ready to start building shop.  We sold our old house and moved into a different house last fall that has 2/3rds of an acre. In November, we started building a 60x60x16 shop/bus garage but soon after, we had an early and colder than normal winter. The snow is all melted now, just waiting for the mud to dry out. We have all the utilities to the site, ground is somewhat leveled and the next step is to start digging!

6/28/00 Project on hold.  We're about to put money down on a different house. This means the bus project will have to be put on hold until we move (about three months). Our current house will be our fix-up project until it's sold. The good part, when we move, we can build a great shop that will also hold the bus! 

4/5/00 Brought the bus home! The roof is raised 10", rear cap is installed. The windshield frame is a bit off, so I need to adjust it a bit before I install the front cap. 

2/26/00 Skinning.

2/12/00 Upper wall beam construction. Made from 1 1/2" angle iron welded on top a 1 1/2" square tube.

2/6/00 Front cap framework.

1/29/00 Building framework to hold engine supports.

1/27/00 Most of the window framing is in. Have the rear cap hanging on straps. Now I can build the framework under it. Pictures

1/23/00 I had the wrong front and rear caps and just got back from Turner Oregon. When you order caps, make sure you get the raised roof ones (if your raising), standard height don't cut it when you're raise'n! Lost about 5 days of work on the bus because of this :-(

1/17/00 Main ribs all welded in

1/16/00 Raised the roof 10"

1/8/00 Ready to raise   "D" windows and frames for sale

1/7/00 Sides off.

1/5/00 Front and rear caps are off. Getting closer to raising the roof. Click here for a bunch of pictures  Here for pictures of the girls and Sue

1/4/00 All the windows have been removed. The front cap is removed and the rear cap is almost ready to take off. I also cut (by the roof line) the two arms that hold the rear of the engine up. Kind of scary, but when I cut them, they both raised up about half of the saw cut width. My blocking must have been about right.

1/1/00 Back to it!  We rented 1/2 of a 3000 foot shop to work on raising the roof. Moved it in today. Had to drive about 5 miles without windshields in 30 degree temp - cold on the face! The shop has hot water heat in the floor, a bathroom, phone, electrical hookup for my MIG, and a industrial size air compressor - great place to work. Every busnuts dream shop - wish it were mine! Click here for picture

6/27/99 We wanted to take our bus on our trip to Minnesota next week, but there are too many things to get ready by then. We'll have to take our mini-van and an older tent trailer instead :(     More front-end repair pictures

6/16/99 Bulkhead and main step repair pictures...

6/13/99 Front-end repair pictures...

6/2/99 I swapped my seats and air conditioning compressor for front-end parts off a 4106 at LeBus in Salt Lake City. The body area of the 4106 is higher then the 4905, but I should be able to adapt the parts for my needs. The doors are not the same height and skins are different, also. When I was down taking parts off the old bus, the head maintenance guy said he had something for me. He found a 4107 door - just the part I needed! I have most the parts off the 4106 and am removing damaged parts off the 4905 at this time.

4/29/99 Sold our motor home, helps us in our conversion!

4/28/99 pictures 3

4/16/99 Seats are sold and hauled out..

3/5/99 I bought a 1978 4905 that was involved in an accident in January.  It was owned by Western Wyoming College (Rock Springs, WY) and was hit in the right front end.  The windshield is fine, but the door is smashed and the wheel is pushed back about 2".  The bus is a single owner, 297K miles, auto, new radiator, new air conditioner compressor  and great maintenance on the vehicle since new.   I think it was a great deal. 


4905 Specs: Model: GMC PD4905
Years built: 1968-1980 (ours is a 1978)
Length: 40 feet
Width: 8 feet
Height: 11 feet
Engine: 8V-71 DDA Diesel
Transmission: 4 speed and V730 auto (ours has an Auto)
Luggage: 290 (4903) and 405 (4905) cubic feet
Fuel tank: 140 gal standard, 165 optional (ours is 165 gal)
Suspension: Air ride, 4 bags in front, 4 in back
Steering: Power 

4905A stock weight with 100 gallons of fuel:
    Front Axle: 8,900 lbs.
    Back Axle: 15,380 lbs.
    Total: 24,280 lbs.

Check out pictures (may be slow download due to number of pictures)

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