Building our shop and bus shed

9/15/15 2015 Update

2/6/05 Super Bowl party setup

10/18/03 updated Digging the pit and putting walls in place.

1/05/03 A few pictures showing the sidewall and back wall almost done. Also a few shots of a forklift I've fixed up a bit for use inside the shop. 

9/30/02 Update

5/26/2002 Pouring floor 13.5 yards poured. First pour of 10 yards was done several weeks ago. Almost half done!

4/7/2002 West wall

2/19/2002 Working on end wall 

10/23/01 Sheeting update. 

10/9/01 Sheeting roof. 

9/14/01 Setting rafters on top of poles. 

8/11/01 Setting up rafters on ground Will have a crane lift sections on to top of posts. 

7/29/01 Wall structure details

6/6/01 Some post and wall details

5/19/01 Digging and setting poles  more...

5/5/01 Pouring concrete walls

Digging up the back yard


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